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    Simple Hammock Setup From Military Surplus


    I am brand new to the forum. I am an avid canoer and I have just started using a Claytor Jungle Hammock. I really like this hammock so far! I swapped out the stock suspension using polyweb straps I purchased from Strapworks along with tree huggers and carabiners. My eleven year old son wanted his own hammock and I wasn't prepared financially to buy another Claytor so this is what I came up with:

    USGI jungle Hammock
    USGI Mosquito Bar
    USGI Poncho
    Two Tent Stakes

    I ran some parachord through the top of the mosqiuto bar at the top where the ties are located. Then I tied some more parachord to the four corners of the poncho making a diamond shaped tarp. Hang the jungle hammock first, then just above the hammock, hang the mosquito bar, then the poncho tarp over the hammock and mosquito bar and connect the tent stakes to the ground. Now he has a hammock much like mine for less than fifty dollars. While the USGI hammock is a bit small for me, it fits him perfectly. What do you all think? Any ideas on how to better this setup?



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    Sounds like a very good semi-DIY set up. Pretty cool. But pics would be good. I'd like to see the GI hammock. Is it heavy?

    I've got a DIY coming in a while that I'll be posting about. Will get the base material this week I think.

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    Will post pictures soon!!

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