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    Hammock/Tarp Knots.

    Hello everyone.

    I've been using this forum for some time now getting all kinds of tips and tricks to my soon to be hammock setup - waiting for "The Bird" to fly into my mailbox.

    Hammock camping is virtually unknown where Im from and HF has helped tremendiously getting started thanks everyone.

    It is, however, hard to contribute with anything with the very limited knowledge I have at this point. So I thought I would let one of the European outdoor experts do the talking for me with his (knot)routine which seems pretty smart to me. Hope you enjoy:

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    Ray Mears has a lot of fans on this site. Thanks for posting, there is good information in there.

    Welcome to the club.
    I ride a recumbent.
    I like to HAM it up on the CW.
    I use Linux.
    I play go.
    Of course I sleep in a hammock!


    Hang On!

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