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    FT pads,vest,pillows,shoes - want wool

    got any extra merino wool in XL? shirts or maybe pants/shorts, might consider a nice waterproof jacket or a bivy too...

    ba long pad system: insul. air pad, memory foam pad/cover/pillow, pads been patched but works

    thermarest self inflating, not sure model... also been patched but works

    north face vest XL, 550 down, packs into it's pocket

    north face down booties, size 10, rubber soled, you can walk around in these

    ff kso size 43

    also have some not pictured items I'd trade: an exped pillow pump that can inflate the ba or therma, gerber epic knife (can be setup for neck or belt l/r carry options), msr 10L dromedary w/ shower

    don't really want to sell any of this stuff, not a paypal fan
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    Might help to know what size clothes you wear. Both what you would like to trade for and the size of the vest.
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    I need that BA memory foam pad!!

    Hmmm, now what do you need?

    PM on the way.
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    here's some more trade bait

    becker necker w/ kydex sheath, could use a reprofile edge is used, exotube tisurvival, has a glow dot in cap, hot spot anodized phone pic doesn't show too well...
    sapcap has lead weights in it for self defense

    been wearing the ksos and getting used to them, I'll probably keep those...

    also got to use a blind horse knife recently, I'd trade for one of those w/ sheath, too, doesn't have to be that brand just a similar handmade feel...

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    Bump, anyone got merino or even nice synthetic long sleeves xl shirts, daypack, hippack, maxpedition stuff, a nice watch or tarp, light rain gear?

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    pads, vest, booties = traded

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