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    Messin' with suspensions ...

    Had to get the hammock up once, finally, to shake the rust off after a long, hard winter! So, I took my HH Exped Asym to a local lake, and did a stealth hang for a bit, playing with suspension ideas. Even took a short hammock nap!

    1) I swapped-out the stock HH line on one end for a whoopie, and tried just looping it into a carabiner, instead of a toggle. Worked fine, but I think the stresses on it would wear it in too small a spot in a hurry. Still, it worked fine.

    Whoopie2.jpg Click to expand.

    2) At the other end of the hammock, I left the stock HH line on, and tried a Garda Hitch, using a carabiner and two Omega Pacific climbing rings. That worked fantastically, but there is a small weight issue with that set-up. Could be done a lot easier, but it was fun to see how it worked, and held up.

    Garda Hitch.jpg Click to expand.

    We never get tired of trying new ways to hang, evn if the ones we now use work just fine! Tinkerers, be we!

    BTW:: The Omega Pacific climbing (rappelling) rings, and other gear (climbing carabiners, etc.) can be had at their site:

    Oh, yeah. Used Dutch Clips on the straps at the tree end for both suspensions. No sense having TWO carabiners in a suspension! LOL!
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