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Thread: Leaking ropes

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    Leaking ropes

    Ok brothers you all no what i am talkin bout. Now i havent experienced myself but that is my only concern. Common sense tells me alot but i would like to know a good method of "drop lines". Videos are best so if you could through some my way it would be great. Thanx guys and i hope to figure this out

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    "Drip lines"?- are a/any way to divert the water in/on your lines to the ground before it reaches something you don't want wet; webbing straps used with the descender rings, a half-hitch with a tail just before a tri-glide, even an absorbent string tied to the amsteel whoopies, just under the edge of the tarp- all these provide a steep descent for the water to run down before they get into your hammock and sleeping stuff. Hope that helped a bit, sorry no videos of my own to give you, KM

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    THANX KERMEGAN, still with that info. because I am new I still cant picture this, any and all help would still be appreciated

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    What kind of suspension are you using?

    I have whoopie slings. I take the fixed end and loop it over itself, like a half-hitch, just under the tarp near the end of my hammock. Being under the tarp is important.

    All you are trying to do is give the water a more direct route to the ground and gravity will take care of the rest. Your suspension coming down at an angle, a drip line coming off it leading straight down is all that's happenin'!

    Shug's video's for noobs and what not shows this. I think no#6 or 7.

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    Thanx buddy

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