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    go with the flow. Love it!
    I would give anything to have been a fly on the wall watching us. Now, that would have been a memory.
    I don't usually cuss. I cursed like a sailor on a Monday in there. Phewwwwww. My neighboors must think I'm crazy.
    You know the funny part. They had to turn the water off for the building. One of my neighboors walks in the door and sees me fighting gallons of water and asks why they have the water turned off. Get a bucket dude. Are you serious.
    We will never conquer a mountain. The mountain allows us to visit and with enough time asks us to kindly go back down. And sits in peace with or without our presence.
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    Good Story and a nice read for this monday, i Needed that, Hope all goes well with the landlord?? and i think we are all wiser now.
    Thanks for the share and HaPpy Hanging,You Know Im Gonna Go With The Flow Too Today!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    Pics or it didn't happen.
    Here's a picture of Earplug's apartment! Stay dry, brother!
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    Mountains have a dreamy way
    Of folding up a noisy day
    In quiet covers, cool and gray.

    ---Leigh Buckner Hanes

    Surely, God could have made a better way to sleep.

    Surely, God never did.

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    Where did you get that picture of my apartment!
    We will never conquer a mountain. The mountain allows us to visit and with enough time asks us to kindly go back down. And sits in peace with or without our presence.
    my quote.

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    Next time that happens find a piece of wood and push it in the hole. Doesn't matter how big the hole is. Man I'd hate to have your bill. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_gr8t_waldo View Post
    a two inch pipe will have a good amount of metal for it's walls.(assuming it was a metal pipe, not plastic) btw the metal walls are considered enough protection by it's self. you probably got the warning signals ( in the form of metal chips)as you slowly/quickly drilled, blissfully away. not reading the signs is very expencive. but i have done dumber stuff- about two years ago i was outside digging away for a sprinkler addition for my yard on a lovely sunday afternoon. digging down about 18-24" i struck and cut thru a natural gas line serviceing my home.(pollysomething) after i realized what had happened i called 911 and then warned my neirbors. a fire engine arrived after about 4minutes and stood by as the gas company truck took about 45 minutes to get here. all the time gas rushing out at what sounded like it was on par with a j79 jet engine, in after burner!! i was very stressed out and could only think of the bills i would see in the next few days, in my mail box and the possibility of a giant fire eruping any moment. the fire crew was very helpful as they talked me down from my self imposed stress test. the gas company repaired the line , and wared me that i could be fined,since i haden't call befor i dug. i signed the repair order(oh yeah the paper work) the gas co. offered to relight the pilots in my home- i figured what the heck- go ahead- i'm going to get a big bill, might as well get a little something for my money. they relit the water heater, but when they got to the furnace, they wouldn't, since it had signs that it wasn't working right- in fact they red tagged it AND disconnected the gas to it(late fall too boot!)new furnance came in about 8k$. well... it took me about a 6weeks to muster up my courage to resume the sprinkler project. i called and the area was marked out. at this point i already knew that a gas line was there. had to dig close to that freaking gas line for another 5 foot- shouldn'tbe a problem since i now know where it was, and i'm skilled enough to dig without damaging it again........and after about 15minutes of digging............... you guessed it!!! cut it again....the same fire crew showed up as well as the gas company guys!! their timing was just about the same as before. this time i was resigned to the ordeal ahead. now that we knew each other by first name, things went much smoother- yeah after that i did complete things and the bills were reasonable at about 300$ per episode. point is you'll get over this easyer than you might think.
    OMG. After the second time, I thought you might get a visit from the FBI or Homeland Security!! "We hear you may be looking to cause terror in the neighborhood!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by earplug94 View Post
    Thanks BillyBob!
    I do feel bad and think its really uncool about the way that it has caused an inconvenience on others. Bummed about that.
    I did speak with a few building contractors at work and they said drilling into the 2x4's would be fine and shouldn't be a problem hanging at ALL. In fact, have talked with others who have done the same thing with fine results. It was also kinda a bummer that the pipe was wedged in between 2 wood studs. You are right BillyBob .... Thanks for understanding bro.

    You could just as easily have been hanging a picture. One small nail and a smack with a hammer and you would be in the same situation. Poorly constructed apartment AND when they checked you in they probably should have told you the location of water and electrical mains. What if the electrical main was unprotected and burried just in the wall and your picture hanging nail nicked two or three phases? Then THEY would have had a law suit.

    A well constructed 2x4 wall will probably do you just fine BUT if your studs are metal you'll be in trouble. I'd just recommend doing a little more research before picking your studs. Hope it all turns out right but don't understand people being preachy buttheads. Reminded me of the time I decided to paint the side of the house with multiple colors of paintballs. The wife thought it was a good idea. low power load in the spudgun and a dozen paintballs loaded on top of a paper towel. How was I to know I'd get the perfect mix in the gun? How was I to know the recoil that dang near ripped the gun out of my hand? How was I to know just how fragile Vinyl siding could be when hit with a shotgun blast of paintballs? How was I to know that I couldn't purchase more siding of the same color, design a mere 2 years after this stuff was installed? What a mess. Didn't look 4th of Julyiee at all.
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    The Ultimate Hang D. Hansen - now read about everything
    JustJeff's Hammock tutorial - more reference
    TableclothFactoryBlanks - shorter lengths available on sidebar
    The TurtleDog Stand thread - Hang anywhere.

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    "You could just as easily have been hanging a picture. One small nail and a smack with a hammer and you would be in the same situation"

    Exactly... I was getting tired of the smart *** remarks about how stupid it was. Who in the he@@ puts a 2" water main in the middle of the wall right next to the wall. I mean right up to the wall material. I agree... it could have been ANYONE hanging a picture. lol.
    No worries.. it's water under the bridge. You just have to ride the wave. Like water off a ducks back. Get out of the rain... you understand.

    We will never conquer a mountain. The mountain allows us to visit and with enough time asks us to kindly go back down. And sits in peace with or without our presence.
    my quote.

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