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    I would like to get a top quilt someday but have had very good results just using my sleeping bag (40deg) as a top quilt. I only keep the bottom the bag zipped up, slip my feet in and just cover myself with the rest. I have used this method in temps as low as 24F with good results. I do have a nice UQ though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vballvoodoo View Post
    This is something i've been interested in for a while. wrapping the bag all the way around the hammock and myself. i just can't envision how it could be done...without a large round gap at the foot end. Unless the zipper was modified in some way. i'm terrible at that kind of stuff. but has it been done much with any success?
    Many sleeping bags have a double zipper so you can open the foot end for ventilation. You can pass the hammock through the same opening. The biggest problem I've experienced when trying this is that it's really difficult, if not down right impossible, to get a diagonal lay unless you can find a rectangular bag to use like a peapod.

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    I have a Slumberjack Ultimate 30* (closer to 40* in reality) that has a zipper opening in the footbox to vent on hot nights. Strung my hammock right through the opening and use it as a pea pod with great results. I just looped some shock cord through both zippers in the footbox then attach that to my suspension line to keep the foot end secure and provide tension on the zippers to keep them closed. I bunch up a bit on the top of the hood and larks head it to attach the other end and it stays secure with little to no gaps.

    I am 5'8" and it is plenty long enough too, although I think I have the long (by mistake, but worked in the end :-)).

    Allows a lot of angle as it is a very roomy bag, especially in the footbox. For around $50 and weighing in at about 2.5 lbs, it is an easy option for a gathered end hammock. Plus it compresses down really small (almost football sized).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeBait View Post
    The main difference for me anyway, is getting in and out of a sleeping bag in a hammock can be a pain
    I concur. My winter bag is right zip, but my summer bags are left zip, and my hammock of choice is a left zip WBBB. Even when I am using the summer bags, they tend to bunch up under me before I get settled in and 'pulling' the wrinkles out is a pain, not pulling them out is like being a ground-dweller and sleeping on a root.

    Quote Originally Posted by TadTheTinker View Post
    It can be a drag as the zipper may get turned to the bottom under you. Makes getting out interesting.
    See above comment about my winter bag mismatch with my WBBB
    I roll a bit in my sleep (or shift) and inevitably end up with the zipper somewhere that I can't just open/close it after a few hours if I need to get out. I've also found that my zipper is the coldest part of the bag (even with a zipper flap), so if it gets under me, there is a good chance of a cold spot or the lump mentioned above.

    I use the bags open mostly as a TQ (haven't sprung for the real thing yet). I agree with the commentsabout the importance of tucking. The bags I use are standard bags since the mummy cuts tend to be more difficult to move around in without openning up the tucks.

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