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    Thanks for all the ideas.

    I guess now what I have to do is get that hex fly and try a few different set-ups...

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    there are different sizes of snake skins and this is often peoples biggest and most simple mistake.

    size 4 snake skins are the best ones for the explorer. i have a 30d hex tarp as well.

    my hammock fits inside the size 3 snake skins someone gave me and then the 30d hex tarp and hammock, already packed inside the size 3's, all fit together into the size 4's.

    this means that i can get my tarp up nice and quickly and cook underneath it etc, whilst the hammock hangs underneath, pre packed, in the size 3's.

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    I think that HH only makes one size of skins now....size 4. When I spoke to them some weeks ago, they explained that the different sizes often caused confusion so they made it simple with one size... and size 4. Is it.
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    Wow - thanks for the great responses...

    Thanks for all the great responses and ideas everyone.

    I've only ever seen Snakeskins sold in one size (I'm in New Zealand and I often find importers only bring in a manufacturers top seling lines).

    I'm going to go ahead and buy a hex fly and then I'm going to try out a few different set-ups to see what works best. I like the idea of being able to quickly set up the fly and then do all the finnicky tensioning of the hammock itself later. And I'll definately be experimenting with some of the different set-ups for quick and easy tensioning (hitches, rings, carabiners etc).

    I'm a bit amazed by the number of helpful responses my simple question generated - what a wonderfully useful site...

    Thnaks again.


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