I originally posted this in the Weather Protection section but I thought that it also needed to be posted to the Warbonnet thread.

Here's a copy and pasted version from my original thread:

Thanks to fellow HF member itsjustbusiness999 I now have my very own Warbonnet Superfly with integrated doors!!!!

Fortunately, itsjustbusiness999 felt that the SF was more tarp than he needed so he sold it to me. I am so grateful and happy that now I can change clothes without frightening the masses and myself

I have been wishing, wanting, hoping for and waiting for the right moment to either get the add on doors for my Superfly or to plunge in and buy the new one with the doors already on it. Thankfully, I listened to that quiet voice in my heart and just waited. Low and behold the time came and I now have it!

I put together a picture video of the new home. No, the hammock in the pictures are not of my Blackbird. It's just a netless HH Exp that I use sometimes to lounge around in.

Anyway, here is the link to the video:


Thank you Mark!!!