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    first test of hh ultralight backpacker

    first set up no rainfly.jpg

    first succesful attempt.jpg

    redneck boat ramp.jpg

    dry land.jpg

    can u see the gator log.jpg

    balance beam.jpg

    okay first pick guys is the first time i set up was too low....unfortunatly my sis didnt get a picture of my rear hitting the ground when i got in....woulda been awsome to post, the next pic is when i finnally got it somewhat right unfortunatly we didnt get any pics with the rain fly up sorry guys.....the next one i like to call the redneck boat ramp, and of course by the next one you can see what we call dry land down here in louisanna, the second to the last if you look hard enough in the lower right corner u can see a log....or is it a gator????hmmm and the last one is a fallen tree that my sister decided to walk across....and believe it or not she didnt fall in(although secretly i was hoping she would lol). We spent about two hours messin around in the woods before we decided to call it quits, but i learned that i need to brush up on my knot work and that yeah thoose hammock's are supper comfy!!!
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