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    Got a poncho liner. Which patern for G1 HH?

    Hello, first post here.

    After a little research I sent off for a GI poncho liner, and would like to make an under quilt for my G1 symmetrical Hennesy Hammock.
    I have the patterns for the "Sew-'em-Up PLUQ" and the "KAQ", and am wondering which way to go, a double layered PLUQ or a single layered KAQ?
    I am leaning towards the full coverage of the KAQ , and using a torso pad inside the hammock. I have used full length pads in the hammock, but it takes a lot of squirming to get settled in.
    Its not clear to me how a full length under quilt will work with the bottom entry of the Hammock. Dose the bungie let me push it to the side getting in and out? I don't want to deal with a string puzzle in the dark, if I need to "check the perimeter".
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Woody

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    Not sure how it will fit your hammock but I used the Sew-Em Up PLUQ instructions for my PLUQ. Works quite well with my ENO DN...

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