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    I blame Shug and Hammock Forums, LOL

    I lurk Alot maybe too much sometimes, but I have to Thank each and every one of you. I researched the forums and youtube all I could find on hammock information. I have enjoyed hanging in a DIY I made with the help of this place. Finally talked the wife into letting me upgrade and I blamed my WOO Buddy friend and got away with it. She likes your videos too.

    Just finished the order and I can't wait to get everything. Hennessey Explorer Deluxe zip with regular fly, customized with a Monsoon fly with blast doors, and a super shelter system. I'm bouncing off the walls in anticipation. Thank you ALL for the help and sharing you have done to help with my fun, I'll try to get better at sharing information myself. Pawwoodsman, KwPappki, Shug, WA hanging friends, ect. Thanks to ALL of you!
    I'm Popeye the hammock man I'll be in the woods again, by the end of the day tomorrow I pray I'll be in a hammock man. toot toot..

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    The waiting for gear to arrive so you can get some hang time is a killer, but worth it!
    I can't wait to see your rig, once you get it!!
    My best to you!!

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    Careful though, I made a DIY before I got my HH. A little further down the road now and my HH is hanging on the shelf as my DIY is winning me over now.

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