So I went and did my by weekly post office run and what was in there, but a key to one of their bigger boxes

Inside were a few parcels....I grabbed them and ran to the car, and immediately proceeded to open them up.

(1) WBBB 1.0 double with straps....check
(2) A set of dutch binners from JRB...check
(3) 100' of zing it from Dutch...check
(4) Another set of tarp flyz from Dutch (this makes 3 sets now)....check

Asym tarp and RL organizer coming from Papa Smurf....check.

The WBBB 1.0 is the imported one, and I can tell a few variances already, I have not done a side by side comparison (I have an original 1.0 DL coyote brown made by Brandon) but will here in a little while.

Too bad I don't have the video making software someone from this forum promised me a while ago...or I could make a video of the two...hint, hint, wink, wink.

Right now I must say the biggest thing I noticed is the feel of the material. But like I said I did not pull it all the way out of the bishop bag...I had other pressing matters to tend to...Yes, currently there are things a little more important then hammock's in my life right now. But next weekend (if all goes well) it will all tie together....Me, my son, two WBBB hanging in some tree's and a car show in Leavenworth. Now you know what is pressing me me more right now...I am trying to get my car back on the road (adding a few more custom items to it) before the trip/show next weekend.

I'll keep everyone posted and at least do a written review comparing the two WBBB's