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Thread: trek light

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    I'm going to patch it and let my son use it, if the tear aid makes it useable. I am planning on getting another. I haven't heard of poor quality or any complaints about these products and the simple fact that the ceo took the time to give some input on my problem means alot in my book. I'll see if I can post some pics.

    As far as fabric strength....the tear is about where my back was and it didn't drop me on the ground
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    double post
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    The smaller holes are too small to get a decent pic of. Not that this picture's the best.

    It looks like it got snagged on something but theres nothing within 10 feet of where I hang it.

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    It looks as though it got caught on the corner of something square... like a table or post.(obvious rip and not cut, also not likely a manufacturing thing unless you ripped a tag off) Most likely before you set up, and you lucked out by not tumbling in your sleep.
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