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    Quote Originally Posted by nc527 View Post
    EDIT: Hung today in the new system, and no noticeble stretch. I was concerned at first, but after layin in it for about 10min, I was still fine. This weekend, I think I will take a piece of the rope, and make a step tied to an overhead branch, and see if I can bounce up and down without breaking. I trust it pretty much right now, but I dont plan on hanging over any sharp rocks anytime soon. (still might replace with a little bigger rope)
    I concur with Rain Man. The lower limit of safe hammock suspension rope is 1000# and I prefer the higher rating of 7/64" amsteel. Just because what you're using hasn't failed yet doesn't mean it wont in the future. Also, 10 minutes isn't long enough to determine if the rope you're using will stretch or not plus nylon stretches the most after it gets wet. Many a hanger has started the night above ground only to find themselves touching it by morning. Everyone should hang their own hang but there's a collective wisdom here on the forum that can help you avoid mistakes that have already been made. Best wishes on finding the best suspension system for your needs.
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    On the burden to the channel of passing a nominal 1/8" (3mm). I have myself worried that, and put a sleeve on the cord to distribute the load more broadly. I've also done what you have: doubled --well actually trippled -- the cord by passing a spliced continuous loop back through. I suppose I should once every many nights look for signs of wear toward the center of the channel, where the load is highest.

    Others have urged caution about the breaking strength of the line. Should you switch to the 3mm cord most of us are familiar with, Amsteel / Spectra and similar with breaking strength in excess of 1000lb, know that it is extremely self-slippery. So must of us would probably think that it is non-abrasive to a fabric channel it runs through, even though many would follow a different practice of tying or looping the strong cord around a knob made of the gathered end of hammock-bed fabric.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceCadet View Post
    I've run 7/64" Amsteel through my end channels and haven't had any issue.
    As have I.

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    I agree with Knotty on this one. Each hang is different, but the wisdom here is worth it's weight in gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Man View Post
    600 lb anything is not nearly enough safety margin. And yes, the smaller the surface area or the sharper the angle on a connection, bend, or knot, the more you weaken whatever strength you started with.

    To my knowledge, there is no such thing as "3mm climbing cord." The 3mm stuff is "accessory cord," plainly NOT for climbing.

    Disclaimers, such as those on the Metolius site, are there for a reason: "Any person using our gear in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques and good judgment. ... You are responsible for knowing and respecting our products capabilities and limitations. ... Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death."

    You asked. Still, it's your neck and your backbone, and as always, it's "hike your own hike."

    Rain Man


    This is a good point, and because of this point I will never change the rope in my ENO DN, or any of my other ENO's. A few ounces saved is not worth the cost of changing them or the safety risk. Now if you tell me about pounds saved, I'll listen.

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    I'm using amsteel strait through the channel ends...... Been working great .
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