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    WTT Hennesy asym 4 Tarp tent

    well to put it shortly i recently aquired a slightly used hennesy hammock. I have tree hugers snake skins and small asym tarp compleate with shock cord will trade for a slightly used tarptent i would like a contrail and have other items i could throw in to help sweeten the deal. I simply dont like the sewn in bug netting or entering/exiting hammock threw bottom feal free to contact me thru pm/this thread or at thanks again. happy trails and tight lines ;p if you dont have a tarptent and have other items that maybe of interest to me"ul packs bags quilts or anything else ultralight" feal free to make me an offer as i dont see myself carrying this hammock much longer and its a shame because its a nice hammock
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    Too bad, I just bought a HH and have a contrail TT. Just not the right timing, eh. Have anything that you might want to get rid of. I am new to hammocking and have nothing. PM me.

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