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    i have an eno doublenest and i use an 8x10 blue wally world tarp pitched as a rectangle. it cost less than $10. it's met all my tarp needs, and like someone else said, if i decide to upgrade later, i can use it for household/yard work. can't really go wrong for $10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramblinrev View Post
    Hey... That could have come across as rather terse and I didn't mean it like that. Seems to me the advantages of each have been laid out rather well. It's really one of those personal preference things where others can give you guidance but it's fundamentally your call at the end.
    no worries Ramblinrev. i know what ya mean, and truley do appreciate the help you guys have given!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobus View Post
    A rectangular is probably more versatile. It can be pitched as an asymmetric diamond for a more open view but can also be reconfigured numerous ways for foul weather.

    If you're on a budget, why not try a DIY tarp project? You can make yourself several tarp styles on the cheap, and make 'em fit your needs.
    ill consider that for sure. and as for the DIY, i love the idea of it, but am having a hard time finding material to do such a project that would still come out cheaper then a 9x9 coated nylon weighing about 23 oz and only costing $35! but by all means, if someone has a way to make there own tarp for less then this, let me know please! also, it 23 oz really heavy? this will be my first hammock tarp so i dont know what thats like... its 1.9 oz fabric, so very sturdy! will it be to big to pack up for a trip? im not an ultralight so its not a huge issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by bristolview View Post
    When I started out, I went overkill and had a large tarp. That was a 12x12 and way more than needed. I've since downsized to a 9x9 which has worked with every hammock I've tried. It can pitch as a diamond, or lean to and generally offers you whatever protection you need. For heavy downpours you have multiple pitch options that will keep you dry. In fair weather, you can set it up with a porch like cover, allowing you to look out easily and experience your surroundings. People can get by with smaller, but I find the 9x9 offers a very wide range of capabilities. I'm happy with it as my standard tarp for just about all outings.
    thanks! this is what i needed. im thinking that i might have to go with a 9x9.

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    you have to wait awhile to get these, but the diamond fly here may be what you're looking for in an introductory tarp...

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