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you've got to try the Pinhoti----its definitly hammock country! One of my favorites is to park at the Cheah trail head at Cheah state park, and hike to mcdill point, either on the Pinhoti or the cave creek trail. Its a really beautiful area, and there is lots to do and see! However, this is not the best time to go on the Pinhoti---I'd wait until fall when it cools off a bit! (but for winter, fall and spring, you can't beat it!)
agreed, this was an awesome treat of a single over night hike and hang. cave creek had a nice flow of water in early fall for us last year and we were able to hang about 200 yards off the trail in stealth mode, clean up and head back to the trail and were still about 300 years from cave creek for easy water access. i was thinking of going back there at the end of this month, but may try for one of hte other trails in cheaha.