and any other Clark hammocks using these.

Harbor Freight sells 2 different kits of ten 39" or 12" 3/16" fiberglass rods with threaded brass connector at the ends of the rods, and a hook with which to fish tape. Because that's what both, a 10 foot kit and a 33 foot kit, are about -- electrician's variable-length wire-fishing. and item 65327

Kits are $10 - $12 each. (One rod from the shorter kit and one from the longer gives you exactly the 51" needed for each of the Clark 3-rod-poles.) The brass is a little heavier than the kite-part connectors Clark uses. Screwed together, the flexibility and therefore strength seemed comparable to the the Clark OEM rods.

I didn't buy and can't report whether the fittings could be pulled off and then re-glued to shortened and easier-to-pack / harder-to-forget rod segments.

I'd guess that other electrical supply house sell similar. Beats shipping costs.