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    anyone use a kelty noah 12?

    I just bought a noah 12 from REI... havent used it yet (i can always return it) but was wondering if any of y'all have used the 12... it seems kinda big, but isnt bigger always better .


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    haven't used the noah12, but I've got the noah 9 and it is plenty big for me. Although only have used it in the backyard.

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    I have a couple of 12s I use for car camping. That way, if it rains, the kids don't have to drive me crazy. I've never tried them with a hammock as the diagonal is pretty darned long. You might try setting it up like a square tarp over the hammock...

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    yea thats probably what i'm going to do... its all about tryin' things out...

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    Let us know how it works out and photos would be great.
    I have always wondered that myself ...almost got one a couple times
    when they were on sale.
    If weight was not a factor, and it was car/hammock camping.

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