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Thread: Tarp pitches

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    Tarp pitches

    I am not a man of vision, but, if given a photo I can learn anything

    What are some alternative tarp pitches? I use a cat tarp (made by preachaman, and what an awesome product), but needed some help with ways to pitch...

    see link for the jrb "tent"

    Get creative! A rookie needs to learn something!

    Thanks guys!
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    DIY parallelogram/speer
    guidegear camo 12'
    garlington style
    andersj has a setup similar to that(and a crazy site full of cool stuff), and I believe he gave a diagram for his also

    then there is this site with more tarp info than you can shake a stick at, but mostly geared for ground dwelling
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    have a look here and scroll down to the bottom:

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