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    Arrow SOLD: - BSA Hammock Merit Badges For Sale

    Some of you have asked, so here they are.

    I have some Hammock Merit Badges remaining that are available. I am selling for basically cost plus shipping. Badges are in stock and limited. If you have questions please let me know. Thank you.

    QTY: 1 - 9: $1.50 each (Includes Shipping)
    QTY: 10+ : $12.00 + $.50 for each additional badge over 10 (Includes Shipping)

    Payment instructions.

    After you have figured your orders total, send it to ebay_admin(at) wlem (dot) us via paypal. In the comments box, please include your order information; Qty Ordered AND YOUR HF MONIKER. Very important I know whos paid and whos who and without your HF name, I wont know whos who paying for whos order. The patches are in stock and limited. Please give me a couple of days to get them shipped out to you. If you have ANY questions about your order or making payment, please contact me prior to making the payment so we get it right the first time.

    I prefer payment be made using the "goods and services" option. This allows me to print postage here at home. Choosing the "gift" option keeps paypal from giving me your address. The fees paypal takes from a payment for "goods and services" has been factored into the price. If you choose the "gift" option, you will simply be giving me the 2.9% and then I have to buy postage at the post office. A bit more time consuming.

    [moderator's note: Using "gift" or "personal" options when purchasing goods and services is specifically not allowed in the HF terms of service as well as PayPal's own terms of service. PayPal's terms of service states that "if you are selling goods or services, you may not ask the buyer to send you a Personal Payment for the purchase. If you do so, PayPal may remove your ability to accept Personal Payments". Purchases made with the "Personal Payment" option are also not eligible for PayPal's buyer protections ("Purchase Protections")].

    Thank you
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