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    Thanks for all the help!
    Gave it a quick try with a tighter suspension, and that definitely helped. Will do more testing next weekend!
    Although, I'm thinking I'll have to give up the side tieout bungies on my HH? Having those tied down restricts how much the UQ suspension can pull up.

    I'll give the triangle things a try now. I can see where and how it'll help now!

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    Here's two links to a couple of triangle thingy alternatives you can try out with materials you may already have.

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    I agree that more vertical UQ suspension may keep the quilt tighter against you, but I don't really like it. I used to have prussic looped lines on my ridgeline that attached to my UQ suspension with a loop and monkeyfist (basic nacrabiner idea). They held the quilts really snug but caused an uncomfortable lay. The suspension was always in my face and it affected the lay in a negative way. I've had my quilts like this for years, and only recently went to hanging my suspension off of the hammock knots instead. I'm much more comfortable now. We'll see how that works next winter when it counts...

    All of my quilts are homemade and I've never so much as demoed a commercial quilt. For all I know they don't have the same problems my rig did.
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