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Yes everything takes practice, but with practice you become more competent/efficient in your abilities (hammocking and outdoor activities def included). Like riding a bike.....

With a Hex (all tarps really) if you were to hang the tarp too high you could get hit with sideways rain, which is generally the issue with diamonds. A way to combat this (with a diamond) is to have it custom made (or DIY) with longer sides, which would effectively widen the sidewall area of the tarp where the hammock is located, there-by providing more coverage where it's needed.

This is apparent in the Gargoyle Tarp, with his design he took the best attributes of both the Hex and Diamond and combined them, now if one were to use this type of design and use....say.....Cuben it would be a light weight package with plenty of coverage. Just a thought.

IMHO all tarps must be hung properly to reduce the chance of getting wet.
Here my next question in terms of hanging. My hammock is doubled sided with the bug net on one side and if you don't need bug net you can flip it over. If the bugs are in full swing, it seems the suspension for the bug net might rise up the tree. Least it did when I rigged it. Would the elastic cord for the bug net interfere badly with the tarp? I'm fairly certain I'm save to get the Warbonnet Edge tarp.