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Thread: Sappy Trees?

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    Sappy Trees?

    The trees where I usually go out are pretty sappy.
    I would have to keep the tree huggers in a plastic bag so that it wouldn't get sap on all the other stuff inside my bag.

    I'm planning on trying out the strap/buckle set up. With that, most people don't end up using the tree huggers and just use the strap with a biner.

    Has anyone used straps with the tree huggers? I'm thinking I could use less strap and then just thread it through the tree hugger loops.
    So instead of 12' of strap on each end, I could use 6' and then use the tree huggers.

    Sorry for all the questions, but trying to finalize my purchase since I need to get it right the first time (hard time trying to find suppliers in Canada).

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    Although that will work find I find using the treehuggers is a pain. One of the big advantages to using the buckles is you don't need straps. Although now that I think about it if you put a biner on the end of you support webbing you could click it to the huggers pretty quickly. As long as the trees were the right diameter. How about a simple nylon sleeve to cover the part of the strap that goes around the tree. Take the sleeve off and put it in the bag along with all that sap. Just a thought.
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    How about a separate bag for your straps (or sleeves)?
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