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    Anyone in the Mobile, Al area have a BB?

    I would really like to lay in this bad boy before I make the plunge. I can get a deal on these hammocks, but seeing as they are handmade in the US I want to pay the full price to support Warbonnet! So if anyone is near Mobile, Al I would really like to lay in this before making my purchase!

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    Sorry, I have not been on the forum for a while. I live in Mobile and have a WBBB. Let me know and we can get together and discuss the find features of this product. However, don't come over here unless you have the money to will be spoiled.
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    Go lay in it. It is more comfortable then my DIY/Speer/Notty style hammock that I sleep in every night, well, ya it is. The Footbox gives you a bit more room. The Shelf is a handy storage option. It's wonderful. It's a little claustrophobic being zipped into the netting BUT I"m assuming you're needing mosquito protection and that's why you're going Blackbird and not Traveler or Eno or DIY. Heck, DIY hammocks without Mosquito netting are 30 bucks. Double layer? That becomes more cost and more sewing techniques, things get more complicated.

    Judging by the sewing on my unit, Brandon has had LOTS of practice, and it's quality work. For me to produce one it would be fun, but I don't know that I'd be able to do it. Still might though, I LOVE that Cardinal WBBB thats hanging out in a recent thread.

    Different from my DIY? More support with the 1.7 dbl over my DIY which I don't know what the weight of the single layer is BUT I know it stretches and it's hard to get out of. Really close to a waterbed. The WBBB doesn't stretch AND is really easy to get out of, just sit up and get out.

    I'm 6'2" and 270, gotta work on getting that lower but the last 2 months my babysitting time has gone WAY up keeping me off the treadmill.

    You're gonna like it alot, but I would have liked to check one out first too.
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