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Thread: Spooky Hanging

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    I was on my way back from an overnighter heading for my brother's house when I saw these guys creeping down the trail in what looked like destruction derby cars. They just kind of stared at me with empty eyes, so I gave them a nod and kept on going, hoping I wouldn't have to deal with any problems from them. They nodded back and kept on driving, but not too long after that I see a bunch of patrol cars from the sheriff's department blow by (well, as fast as you can blow by on a dirt and rock trail). A while later I see a couple of flat-bed tow trucks. I thought it a bit unusual and was curious to know what was going on, but I had to get ready for a meeting and didn't get a chance to go ask the deputies what was going on.

    Later on my brother gives me a call and tells me that a ton of police cars came in with tow trucks chasing a bunch of guys in beat up cars and ended up arresting all of them and towed them out of the forest. Now I really wanted to know what was going on and I had intended to get a copy of the police report from their dispatcher (I'm sure it would've been an interesting read), but ended up getting side-tracked so I never found out what had happened.

    I'm guessing the cars were stolen, but who would steal a bunch of junkers? Maybe they were getting ready to set up a meth lab? Maybe they were just trying to hide? Who knows. Not quite spooky I guess, but that's the only story I've got that's even close to interesting.

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    Out in TBay Harbour in Lake Superior there's a little group of four islands that my friends and I kayak to. They are approximately 5km from shore and privately owned so there isn't much activity out there. The largest island has about six camps on it and the two smallest ones are just bird islands, we camp on the second largest one. Around 9ish one evening, we set out to paddle around 'our' island and about three quarters of the way around we hear this strange cackling sound, it almost sounded like the canned laughter your hear in Scooby Doo cartoons. We're all looking at each other, wondering wtf??? We were fairly close to shore but couldn't see anything that would make a sound like that, there aren't any animals on the islands and no people on this one except for us. It was quite loud and really un-nerving, it sounded like the island was haunted! It turns out that the island we camp on has a large population of Great Blue Herons and we had paddled close to their nesting place. I'm sure glad we didn't hear that in the middle of the night, it was one of the eeriest sounds I've ever heard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hector View Post
    The only spooking I've received while hammocking was when I heard trees or limbs fall. The supernatural seems to studiously avoid me, except in books.
    I'll take the supernatural over getting deadfall to the sconce!

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    Got 2- The first was me, the second- my son.

    Last weekend I was hanging in the back yard testing new gear/ideas. Everything is going good, just as I was falling asleep, I hear this very loud barking right at my head. I woke up grabbed the flash light and it was our dog barking at something out front!! I think I saw something run in front on the gate, but not sure. Not spooky, but when you get that loud noise, just as your asleep, sure made me jump.

    Several years ago, me and my son were on a campout with the scouts, he was about 12. He wanted to hear some campfire stories, so the scout master started telling them about the "swamp monster" that comes out of the pond at midnight. I was fast asleep when at the back of the tent there was my son, "Daddy I can't sleep. What time is it?" Me-"Midnight, now go back to sleep!". Just at that moment, there was a very loud "pop" on the pond!! My son jumped. "Daddy, it's the swamp monster!!" Me-"No son, it's just a beaver slapping its tail on the water-go back to sleep!!" The next morning- his tent mate said that my son kept him awake ALL night- they didn't sleep at all!!!" Sure made me laugh
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    Wink Spooky Places

    The creepiest place I've ever hung would be Glastenbury Mt on the Long Trail in Vermont. A number of folks have simply disappeared in this area over the years and it is relatively secluded for Vermont. People have also claimed to have seen Bigfoot in the same location.
    Personally, I never experienced or saw anything unusual but just knowing that other people had was a bit creepy. I didn't want to end up as a Bigfoot taco!

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    I hate to say it..
    Here it is, 12:15 in the morning, and I just finished reading all of these stories. If I wake up with bad dreams, I'm placing the blame on all of you!

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    In my early "ground dwelling" days, a group of friends, camped in Holland next to a piece of land, fenced with only a thin white webbing, full of horses, around 40 of them.
    Thinking it was a nice spot, quite, with some horses around, we set up camp, and went sleep quite quickly after a long hard day.
    A little after 1 am, the girl next to me woke me up, so i could hear also the horses neighing.
    The sound was far away, we guessed they where on the other side of the land.
    The people in the other 2 tents also woke up and where listening, finding it cool / cute / fascinating.
    After a few minutes of this neighing they became silent, so we went to sleep again.
    Then we heard them started to walking... speeding up a little, and ultimately galloping all of them in our direction..
    First thought: Cool.
    5 second thought later: ****, there is only this thin line separating those 40 horses with their thundering hoofs from us, and they wont see it in the middle of the night !!
    Scared as f*ck, while we jumped out of the tents, suddenly all the horses made a full stop, just in front of the line..
    We stood there in front of our tents, high heart rates, watching the horses calmly grazing 5 meters away from us, as nothing happened..
    The rest of the night was quite nice, the girl (just a friend) laid very close to me the rest of the night :-)

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    read these while watching ghost adventures in the middle of the night. besides the funny stories, the spooky ones get a bit spookier .

    my story, like a few, involves me sleeping in a tent. every other year i would go with me dad out to gettysburg for the anniversary of the battle. depending on the year we either spent it in a hotel or camping out about a mile or two from some of the battlegrounds. on this particular year we were camping (and im 13-14), a friend of mine had come with me and his girlfriend was there too. after a great day of wandering the fields and taking in the town we were sitting by the fire eating dinner when i started to hear something. drums. very quiet and off in the distance. out of the 4 of us i was the only one to hear it. it sounded like a snare drum, similar to one they used back then. could it have been supernatural? or could it have been one of the reenactors practicing for the next days mock battle? i still dont know...
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    I realize this thread is pretty old but it's not locked and I figure my story might help somebody sometime, and it's about time I post something (enjoyed previous stories quite a lot, especially the one about the rednecks flashing to the hammock with bad thoughts ^^).

    Anyway, it was last year, somewhere around the middle of July. I set out on my hitchhiking trip to a volunteering project in Poland, near Katowice. The road up until that particular point was pretty nice, I got set up a truck ride by two awesome polish dudes for around 600 km's and that truck driver got another ride through radio for me and the next one got one as well. It was around 3 AM in the night and I was left by a lonely gas station right before a city of some kind. I was only 20 km's away from my destination (should've arrived at daylight that day) but the only traffic was more than 100 km/h, rain started to pour, I was out of smokes and my permanent marker died on me. The lady in the gas station offered me only a pen for my cardboard sign, which I found lying just around the entrance.
    So I stood there right by the road, my back barely illuminated by the gas station, as the trucks and the odd cars were rushing right past me. Hopeless! I figured I might as well camp somewhere by the gas station. There was a lonely dirt road which seperated the gas station from the nearby forrest, which I crossed and stumbled on the only grassland available at that point. It was the stuff of nightmares - wet, with holes as deep as half a meter, but it would suit me better than freezing in a mist of rain droplets. I unpacked the tent bag and was halfway finished with setting up the tent when I heard a screeching sound from the nearby forest, just some 5 meters away. It was pitch black in that direction, but the screeching and growling grew stronger - it felt as if the creature was coming closer to me. Now bear in mind that I've lived most of my life in Latvia, where the only animals are in natural parks and I've seen a fox or two in my lifetime but that's about it.
    Needless to say, my heart was pounding and I started to pack my tent hysterically in the bag but didn't finish because that startling sound was coming even more closer (maybe it sensed I was afraid, don't know). I picked up my backpack and just rushed to the gas station as fast as I could, with my tent, poles and all the rest of the stuff following me through the thick grass.
    The decision was made for me - 4 hours if I'm lucky and I'll be at my destination. But that creature didn't stop messing with me - it followed around the populated areas, through the forest, and kept making those darn noises. Eventually I got a ride and waited for an hour or so in the bus station, half-freezing, before my project coordinator got to me and I finally was able to sleep without worries.
    The next day I talked to one of the organizers of the volunteering project, who's a local in the region, and my deepest fear was true - there was "deployed" an artificially made wolf pack in the region because of the scarce population of wolves. I speculated that it might've been a dog with the so called sickness of madness, but...

    After the project I hitchhiked all the way to the Black sea in Romania/near Bulgaria and camped in more populated areas, but the animal aspect really plays tricks on your mind, especially if you've been in a similar position. Now I've learned to whistle, so hopefully that will startle any would-be threat next time.

    Thanks for reading. ^^

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    I was day hiking on the lone star hiking trail, doing the Four notch loop in preparation for a big trip coming up. I was about 4 miles into a 10 mile hike when this sudden feeling of being watched overcame me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and chills started running up and down my spine. It was early in the spring so there was no problem with visibility. I kept stopping and looking around very hard, but even though I couldn't see anything the feeling wouldn't go away. After several miles The trail turns along an old forest service road for several hundred yards, then turns back into the forest. I walked about 10 yards down the trail, ducked behind a tree, and watched the forest service road for movement. Suddenly, a very loud cracccck sounded out, as if someone stuck a tree trunk with a dead limb. A minute or two later I heard a light rustling noise moving off and the hair on my neck laid down at last. I made the remainder of the 10 miles in record speed, without even pausing to catch my breath .... The feeling did not repeat that day, but returned several weeks later on a different part of the trail that passes through an old, dark, swampy creek bottom. I just happened upon a scout troop hiking in front of me training for philmont ... I tagged along behind them out and back, until I reached a road crossing. I never did figure out what was stalking me, but twice was too much .... I find other places to hike solo these days.
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