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Thread: Stake Boom

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldgringo View Post
    Not that it changes anything, but I think the fulcrum is all the way at the bottom of the stake. But then, I'm not a ME, either.
    Quote Originally Posted by gmcttr View Post
    For the sake of argument, the fulcrum point will be at the highest point that the soil has the strength to support the stake and not allow it to "cut in" any farther. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    If the soil in front of the top part of the stake is weak but the soil behind the bottom part of the stake is strong (e.g. a rock in the way), the stake will not move forward/pivot at the fulcrum in the line of tension (only if it the stake bends under the pressure).

    A fulcrum point then can be anywhere along the length of the stake so using a "middle point" as an average position is good in Alamosa's original concept.
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    what angle is best to use for the boom to stake angle? - the illustrations above look to be 45* but generally I use stakes set at more of a 60* angle (without the boom) - is there a "best angle"?

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    oh well - never did get an answer to the question of angle so I went ahead and made the anchors with a 45* angle - if I ever get inspired to experiment I'll make another batch with the 60* angle and do some experimenting with a come along between the two different angled stakes

    some notes on construction

    used 1/2 inch galvanized steel pipe, drilled two holes offset from each other on opposite sides of the pipe and then used a rat tail file to shape the holes so the spike would go through the holes - took about 1.5 hours per boom to file the holes into shape

    for the other end of the boom I drilled a 1/4 inch hole straight through for a hitch pin - I had a couple pins left over from when it was a thing to use for toggles in MSH in a SLS - I gave up on the SLS a long time ago so they were available - for the other two booms I bought a couple more hitch pins from Lowes - Hillman Cotterless Hitch Pins 1 1/4 inch

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    another possible source for stake booms - see my post :

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    WOW 1200 pounds of holding power, I guess this concept is very sound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hog On Ice View Post
    another possible source for stake booms - see my post :
    That is interesting. I am guessing those are made to be put directly under the canopy (or whatever) with the cord pulling straight up. This would give the effect of having to pull out the entire plug (hence the 1200 pound hold).

    If it was pulled at an angle, one or two of the stakes would be pulling inline with the angle it was driven in at. At least that is what I am speculating.

    I will be very interested in hearing how they will hold up when separated. I would think the extended end of the booms are getting quite a bit of support from being attached to each other.

    I didn't see how much they weigh, but being aluminum, they should be pretty light. Also, be interested to know the angle of the spikes and how well they hold compared to the 45* angle I have used.

    Please keep us posted.
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    Dutch, you ought to get a set of these off to Shug, with Alamosa's approval of course. I smell a video opportunity here. If you aren't going to put these into production, however; I'm gonna have to make me some myself. I will own a set of Alamosa Stake Booms!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alamosa View Post
    I didn't see how much they weigh, but being aluminum, they should be pretty light. Also, be interested to know the angle of the spikes and how well they hold compared to the 45* angle I have used.
    weight - approximate from kitchen scale - boom 6.5 ounce (includes small bolt that I left in the stake for a pin), stake 6 ounce

    note stakes seem to be a better quality than the 12 inch spikes I got from Lowes

    angle - I had to go get a protractor but anyways its 55*

    probably will be testing them in the next few days

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    wrt to the separated Claw stake booms - I tried them today with a 45* angle of the WS to the pole and with the boom raised a couple inches on the rope end - result was a failure during preload testing - I suspect I could have played with them and have gotten them to work but since I had 4 Claws I decided to try them in approximately the same position so I reassembled the two Claws that I had separated then used the four of them with the same angle of WS to the pole - worked fine and no problem with any of them lifting up

    Anyways I now have an approach that I am comfortable with for a light weight car portable hammock stand - I am not planning on doing any more testing. about the only thing I have left to do is to cut the Spyderline down to a reasonable length for both ends of the hammock stand.

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    Boom Stake Failure!!!!

    I made a set of booms/spikes and the stand that Alamosa made in his other thread. The spikes bent just below the boom and pulled out of the ground, not 1 time, but 3 times. (twice with 1 and once with a different boom/spike).

    So on to plan B. I have some 1/2" rebar that I am going to cut into 15" lengths, and then drill the holes in the booms to accept the rebar. As long as the rebar does NOT bend, I should still be able to nest everything. (15" X 4= 60", my uprights are 66"). If the rebar bends a little, it may not fit into the boom.

    Plan C (if needed) would be to upgrade the booms to 3/4" pipe. Thats if I have problems with the rebar nesting into the booms. If they are still pulling out, I will have to switch to the stakes I made for my stand that are 24". That would mean no nesting.

    BTW I weigh 230lbs., so I don't know why I had the pull out problem and Alamosa didn't. Maybe a different soil content? If I have to use 3 boom/stakes at each end, then the nesting isn't possible anyway.
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