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    Which hammock to buy?

    Hi there.

    I have been looking throughout the forum as I try and decide what hammock to buy. I am new to hammock camping but can't wait to get my first hammock.

    I have narrowed it down to three hammocks the Hennessy expedition zip, deep jungle and the WBBB.

    I like the price of the Hennessy and the fact they come with tarps. However everyone seems to speak very highly of the WBBB.

    I am curious about the shelf in the Blackbird. How useful is it? I know you cannot put your pack there but how much weight are you able to get up there without affecting your sleep? While looking at the WBBB I can't really decide on what tarp if I were to get it. I like the idea of the superfly to have the extra protection if needed.

    What is the difference between the Silnylon and Polyester tarps? is it more of weight difference and no noticeable difference in performance?

    Anyone with a WBBB or Hennessy how compact can you pack up your hammock and tarp? A rough estimate of the volume it takes up in your pack?

    My last question is on insulation I would mostly be using the hammock in the summer but northern ontario. Would just a good sleeping bag be enough or would some sort of under quilt or sleeping pad be required if the temp were to drop down to 40 F?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have an Expedition, And UL Explorer and a WBBB 1.1
    If you get a Hennessy I recommend getting at the Explorer.
    Its roomier and more comfortable.
    That being said..

    In my opinion the comfort between my Explorer and my WBBB is very comparable.
    The Shelf on the WBBB is pretty cool I will admit. as is the Double layer if you choose to use a Pad instead of an UQ.
    But as you said you have to buy the tarp as well which will come with the Hennessy's

    At 40 degrees you will want something under you to keep you warm.
    I was very surprised how cold you can get.

    My Explorer UL with its tarp and the Super Shelter Undercover all fits in the provided snakeskins and that all fits in the stock Hennessy bag.
    I wanna say its something like 11x8x5 inches...
    I do think it packs better out of its bag though.
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    Depends on Weather
    I have a Hennessy Explorer Deluxe (zip model) with the stock tarp and a 1.7 WBBB with the Big Mamajamba tarp.
    It comes down to looking at what you want and how much you want to spend. I think both hammocks feel about the same as far as comfort goes.

    Here the the things I like about each one:
    * The price was great-- delivered with a tarp and snake-skins.
    * The zipper feels more robust.
    * Set up time is faster because the small stock tarp rolls out with the hammock (regardless if you
    have them on separate ridge-lines or not-- it can go up at the same time).
    * It's made in America.
    * The shelf is fantastic! I keep my head-lamp, CC pocket radio, water bottle, book,
    anything I need handy can go in there.
    * The straps/ buckles are nicer-- just plain easier. I had to buy four descender rings to
    make the Hennessy as easy as the Warbonnet to strap up.
    * The double layer is great for me since I use a ThermoRest self-inflating pad to sleep
    on, it makes it easier and more streamlined having the pad under the second layer.
    * I like the weight rating-- 400lbs is alot. I weight 230lbs so it's not really a issue if my
    son hopes in with me to snuggle.
    They both pack down to about the same size (think 2 liter soda bottle).

    My advice to you is to spend some time thinking about what you want and how much you want to spend. Think of the hammock and the tarp as separate parts of a system and you'll end up with something that suits you perfectly.

    I like them both-- but after reading what I just wrote I guess I like the Warbonnet better. If you break them down into hammocks only and tarps only -- the Warbonnet hammock is only $30 more. The 1.7 WBBB is $170, and the Hennessy Explorer Deluxe (alone) is $140.

    If you get the Hennessy Sylnylon Hex Fly your going to pay $130
    The Warbonnet Sylnylon Big MamaJamba with side pannels pulls is $110 (I'd say it's a better tarp because of the side pannel pulls)

    Hennessy Explorer Deluxe with Sylnylon Hex is $270 (you'll get the snake-skins for free though if you order from Hennessy-- but I spent $20 on (4) descender rings to make setup as easy as the Warbonnet so I call it a push)

    Warbonnet 2.7 with Sylnylon MamaJamba is $280 (but you get a $10 discount if you buy them at the same time)

    So there you have it-- If you compare the two -- apples to apples they are the same price-- but you get some more features with the Warbonnet.
    As far as warmth goes-- I slept fine in my Hennessy this year while it was snowing with my ThermoRest pad, a space blanket tarp (the thick type), and a NorthFace 30 degree bag. However, everyone's physiology is a little different (as you know).
    Side Note-- My wife has the bottom entry Hennessy, and I can say that I prefer the zipper model. As a matter of fact I get a little claustrophobic in hers. If I had to do it all over I would have bought her one with a zipper.
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    I have a Hennessy Expedition. probably takes up about 2L of space. The Expedition may come with a tarp but it's only good for a bit of dew or light rain. You will probably spend more money upgrading it later on anyway. The Expedition is also much heavier weight fabric than the Blackbird, so its stronger but much heavier.

    The difference between polyester and silnylon: sil is lighter, but more expensive, and it will stretch when it gets wet. I've never had a sil tarp so I couldn't say how much it will stretch by.

    At that temp you will definitely need some insulation beneath you. If you have a pad you can get by on that; they are a pain if you slide off but better than freezing. Then you can work up to an underquilt.
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    I haven't had a Hennesey. I went from my diy hammock to the BB. Love the BB. You will want some kind of insulation at 40.

    But something to keep in mind is that if for some reason the hammock doesn't work out for you, the resale on the BB is pretty good. Won't take much the sell your BB and tarp.
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    we grow old because we stop hiking."

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    I was in much the same boat as you when I found After reading about all of the hammocks I decided on the BB and have been very happy. I also purchased the Warbonnet Superfly tarp. I am very happy with the Superfly as well, but having to do it over I probably would get a smaller tarp. The Superfly has been a bit overkill for the camping I've done so far but is a great tarp for a newbie. Lots of room for error.

    Although I haven't tried a Hennesy I do like the idea of the bottom entry (I think that view is in the minority). I think my kids would get a kick out of it—would feel more like a clubhouse to them. But I would immediately send the Hennesy to 2qZq for the zipper mod (and have both entry options available).

    From an amateur perspective, the cinch buckles and straps have been very easy to use. I haven't felt the need (or desire) to try woopie slings yet.

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    Deep jungle gets a lot of thumbs up here on the forum. I have a BB and explorer deluxe with bottom entry. Like both equally. Still have the stock suspension on explorer but am going to change it out so set up is a little easier though I don't mind making the figure 8 knots. You really can't go wrong with either of them. All are made very well. I like the shelf on BB and mine is a dbl layer so I like that you can put a pad in. The jungle has this feature as well i think. Bottom entry is great when the bugs are heavy. Good luck on choice!

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    well let me see if i can help you with this at all..
    since i had HH's and have a WBBB it all comes down to needs and options

    HH - the HH is a nice hammock well made and is one of the more popular hammock in the main stream due to being sold by Co. like REI
    the HH does come with a Tarp ... the Tarp you get with the HH's is Small it really only covers the Hammock and in really bad rains you can get wet if you picked a bad site or pitched it wrong but overall it does work ... there are members that hiked the AT with nothing but a HH tarp ... i used a HH tarp for over a year and never got wet .. but i never had it in a wind driven pounding rain either .. now for the Hammock ... some say the HH's feel small i do agree with this.. i'm 5'11" and i felt my Expedition was small for me but not to the point where i couldn't sleep in it.. it just had a small feel to it ... i was not a fan of bottom entry some ppl love it.. most hate it .. i know for some Disabilities it helps with getting in and out of the hammock but for the Average user most get a 2QZQ mod and have the BE sewn up ... if it was me i would get a zip model.. but thats me
    overall for the price it's not a bad setup at all.. resale on HH's on the forums are not as good as other hammocks ... HH's just don't hold value around here
    so if you plan to sell it a few months down the line i would ebay it you will have better luck ... like i said for the money it's a nice setup and a HH was my first real hiking hammock

    WBBB - i really don't need to say much about the WBBB it's one of the best hammocks money can buy .... it has a nice BIG feel to it when your inside it
    the Shelf is really nice for gear you want to get at in the middle of the night
    the footbox is sweet ... overall it's a great blend of weight,features and options the WBBB does not come with a tarp ... so you pay extra for the tarp
    but to be honest everyone upgrades the stock HH tarp so your going to do it anyway .. resale on the WBBB is very good . you can make back your money within 10 min of posting it .. and i'm not kidding
    overall the WBBB is the best hammock to be had right now the options and features are 2nd to none and it lays better then the HH's if you ask me

    Overall save up a few more $$$ and get a WBBB and get yourself a nice tarp and UQ and do it right the first time... most ppl try cutting corners but it never works .... just get the WBBB you will be very happy you did...

    also look into other hammocks that are out there... the JRB Bridge is a really nice rig so is the Switchback .... or if your a DIY guy like me... just make a hammock to play around with... then you will have a better idea of what you like also find a Hang near you and go check out other members rigs .. it will give you a better idea of what you want and most ppl will let you lay in there setups to try it out if you ask nice

    Hope this helps
    It puts the Underquilt on it's hammock ... It does this whenever it gets cold

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    No opinion on the BB because I don't own one (but would like to add one to my collection).

    I have an Explorer UL classic and a DJ XL zip and find the DJ to be my go to hammock. I would choose the Deep Jungle over the Expedition. The material is silky smooth and the double layers keep the pads in place. Check out Sgt Rock's review on youtube.

    Considerations: don't skimp on the size, if your close to the 6' height limit go to the larger model. Classic or Zip - perhaps zip. I have the luxary of both (the Ferrari or the Lamborgini, which one do I feel like today?)


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    Thanks everyone for your reply. I greatly appreciate it!

    I still can't decide haha. I wish I could try them both but unfortunately I can't do that.

    I really like the idea of the shelf in the BB. I would think if you have some gear in the hennessy that it would just fall on top of you? Or is there away to store it out of the way? I am not thinking much just a few items that you would want quick access to.

    Is the space and weight saved by Silnylon worth the money? or are we talking a couple ounces and really no saved space?

    There are alot of tarps options outside of the HH tarps and WB. Based on your experience what would you recommend?

    My final question I recently saw some posts about the switchback. Does anyone of any experience with those compared to the HH or BB?

    Thanks again!

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