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Thread: Switchback?

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    Hi everyone!

    I am about to make my first hammock purchase and was considering the HH deep jungle and the BB.

    However I recently saw the switchback. There isn't a ton of information on the website and was wondering if anyone could give me more information about it.

    Also if you could compare it to the BB and the HH and just you overall thoughts on it. Like weight, ease of set up, comfort level, does it have any sort of shelf how the BB does?

    Just any thoughts in general.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I can't speak to weight but I found the Switchback more comfortable than my Explorer Ultralight. In fact I dumped the Hennessy and now use a Light Hiker as my go-to hammock. There's no shelf like the BB but I find the shelf just blocks the view on that side. I prefer to have clear visibility on either side. You can read about the Light Hiker on my blog under the Gear section.
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    Welcome to HF!

    I've probably owned 95% of all the hammocks on the market. Sometimes 2 or 3 variants. I's a sickness, but I'm trying to deal with it.

    At any rate, my current inventory consists of a Switchback and a Blackbird. Both are excellent hammocks but the Switchback happens to be my current hammock of choice. The biggest reason for this: no calf ridge pressure underneath from the fabric!

    Here's some reading material for you:

    Hammock nirvana!

    Double layer to single layer Switchback

    2 hammocks for the price of 1

    Tie the netting up out of the way and have it ready for quick deployment

    Not a fan of whoopie slings so I switched out the suspension method

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    i have had a clark , a blackbird and a switchback, for pure comfort , i prefer the switchback, although it is a little heavier and requires a larger tarp to get adequate coverage, so there is a wieght penalty involved.
    my thinking is that i would rather carry a little more wieght , or cut wieght elsewhere in order to get the best sleep i can, after all , thats why i carry a hammock in the first place.
    i can't comment on the hennessy, but i will say that the blackbird is one sweet hammock, i don't think you will be dissapointed with either one

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    Thanks for all your replies

    I have been doing some reading on the switchback and everyone seems to talk about how wide it is. The only dimension I could find it looked like the BB was actually wider. Could anyone confirm that or not?

    thanks again.

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    I was at the Hot Springs hang this year and tried out the Switchbacks. I have really broad shoulders but even the Light Hiker felt comfortable to me. I like that the bug net zips on both sides. Also, you won't find better guys to do business with. Didn't get to talk with Dale but spent a great deal of time talking with John. Throw in Ed Speer and you have a wealth of knowledge. I'll definitely be doing business with these guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlink View Post
    The only dimension I could find it looked like the BB was actually wider. Could anyone confirm that or not?
    Yes the specs show the BB being wider and it is. I have a BB and had a SB Lighthiker briefly. To me the BB felt noticeably wider.

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    I too was at Hot Springs and tried out the Switchback. I was really impressed. I like both the greater view you get from the Switchback and the zippers on both sides. When I got home I kept thinking about it and finally ordered one. Dale was great to work with. I got it in short order and have done a couple of test hangs but have not had a chance to do an overnighter yet.

    Now to the question as to which I like better. Luckily I do not have to choose. I have both. Maybe once I have some more testing time with the two there may be a clear winner, I just am not there yet.

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    I have a Light Hiker, and I just got a Netless Switchback that I like very much! I'm not an unbiased hanger, since Tree to Tree makes Molly Mac Gear, but the Switchback is a great hammock.

    When I had a HH, I found that by shortening the ridgeline as much as three or four inches, I could increase the sag and almost eliminate the cut-across-the-left-leg syndrome.

    With the Switchback, which has no structural ridgeline, it's the opposite. If you get any cut-across-the-left-leg at all, it's because you are hanging it with too much sag. Tighten it up a little, and find your sweet spot.

    - MacEntyre
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    I have a WBBB and both a SB 1.1 dbl and SB Light Hiker.

    I really want to love the BB. The design is great. The shelf is great. I'm trying to tweak out the calf ridge. But, last week when my AC was out and I decided to gear test in the back yard instead of slow simmer in a hot house, I went directly to my SwitchBack 1.1 dbl. I wanted a comfortable night of sleep and I got it. It's all about the comfort and for me that is either of my SwitchBack hammocks.
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    Enjoy the day

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