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Thread: Switchback?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlink View Post
    How small does the baby orca compact to? How low could you go with the baby orca?
    Packs to Maybe the size of a football. For me, buy itself I go down to 50*F, with an insert may be 5-10* lower. BTW, this is what I use with my SBLH. I think you will like yours.


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    Hey everyone thanks for all your input!

    So I finally ordered the Switcback LH today along with the baby orca underquilt.

    I like the price and the size of the baby orca so I decided to go with that.

    I now must decide on a tarp, I was hoping to get the cat cut tarp from tree to tree but they are all sold out and it will take a couple weeks. I am thinking of getting the Warbonnet superfly. It is a bit smaller then the cat cut but also has the built in doors which I like. I don't mind carrying the few extra onces to have that option.

    The other tarp I was thinking of was the Hennessy Hex.

    Does anyone have expereince withe the LH and the superfly or the Hex?


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    Is the geometry of the bed of the Switchback a gathered rectangle (or 2) of fabric?

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    I have a WB BMJ which is the same size as the superfly minus the built in doors, and it provides plenty of coverage for my Light Hiker (or my 1.1 dbl standard SB as well).
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    Quote Originally Posted by ^shane^ View Post
    I have a WB BMJ which is the same size as the superfly minus the built in doors, and it provides plenty of coverage for my Light Hiker (or my 1.1 dbl standard SB as well).
    Thanks for the reply. I am going to order a superfly over the weekend than. The hammock and tarp will have to be shipped up to Canada so I probably wont get them until the following week but I can't wait!

    For some reason I am having second thoughts about the baby orca. I have read great reviews about it but I have been looking at the various underquilts people have on here and not sure if I made the right choice with it. As I said before price is bit of an issue so is size. I am just not sure if it would make sense to spend the extra 50 or so dollars to get a UQ that is rated to 20-30 degrees.

    Up here in ontario the humidity is rather high in the summer months so maybe the baby orca would be best?

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