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    Here is my GrizzBridge under a Speer Winter Tarp.... this tarp isno longer made but similar to some. Dimensions: Ridgeline .... 128" or 10' 7"
    Width at narrowest .... 102" or 8'6"
    Weight ... 16.95 ounces or 1 pound .09 oz or 480 gram
    In my opinion Bridges need a long ridgeline due to the bridge type suspension.

    Grizz Bridge set-up by Sean Shug Emery, on Flickr
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    I agree with shug on the ridgeline, and personally feel more comfortable with a rectangular tarp. The Ogee also looks like it would work. I could get decent coverage with my WB BMJ, but am unsure how it would have done in a rainstorm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mancat View Post
    Just a quick question for all the bridge hammock users. What is the smallest tarp you have used consistently with your bridge hammock? Any pro/cons? Any one use a Maccat Micro?
    You are going to use a Dutch bridge? I don't know anything about the dimensions of those. I have used a JRB bridge, which has about 9'6" between the outer rings ( I think the new ones are meant to be adjusted a few inches shorter than that). So a 10 foot tarp will extend a few inches past those rings.

    However, I tried a MacCat Dlx with the JRB, and with the hex cut it seemed pretty marginal to me. I don't think I would want to use a tarp much smaller than my JRB 10x11 rectangular cut with it, unless I had some sort of undercover or add on doors. But that is just me, some people get by with a good bit less tarp than I like.

    Don't forget, you are going to need room for the spreader bars!
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