There has been some talk on poncho tarps and their merits recently. I think a lot of the debate has come from whether or not it's effective or not as your sole means of cover, things like what happens if it rips whilst being used as a poncho, or how you set up in the rain.

Now for me in this climate a poncho is great for wet weather gear. It ventilated a lot better than a jacket and trousers and I never liked having a barrier between my inner layers and rucksack. So I will always have my poncho tar.

Now in Scotland I had success rigging my poncho as a door over the end of my tarp, and I'm wonderin how else I can put m poncho to use. I'm trying to think of a way to rig it as undercover / gear hammock

I've also used it as a stand alone wind break, or during the day a sun break.

What else could it be used for?