I just came back from 6 nights of Scout summer camp in middle Tennessee (June 19-25, 2011). Every night I slept in a Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock with my brand new Dp Hammockgear top quilt and underquilt. Here are my thoughts...

Summary: At $180 for the set, you get what you pay for. Perfect for summer use. Durable and comfortable. Not for tall people.

Materials: Ripstop nylon inside and out with a thin (1/2" maybe?) batt of synthetic insulating material inside. The inner skin, outer skin and insulation are only attached at the perimeters where it's all sewn together, so the insulation kind of "floats" between the layers.

Test conditions: Hung next to a lake with light breeze and moderate humidity (no dew) at night. Lows for the six nights ranged from 72F to 62F. There was also some rain to deal with. I slept in shorts, t-shirt and socks and no hat.

Top quilt:
- Weight: 480g
- Length: Just a little bit short for my 6'2" frame, but workable.
- Construction: Good and solid
- Insulation capability: Slept comfortably down to 62F.
- Features: The elastic "head hole" meant to keep the quilt snug around the shoulders just didn't work for me. I'm too tall and my neck is too big. I ended up doing some surgery to detach this feature and make it more "conventional."
- Footbox: Just fine for my needs.
- Stuff sack: Workable, but the string is kind of a pain. I will replace it with a conventional string and lock.

Under quilt:
- Weight: 500g
- Length: Long enough for my hammock.
- Construction: Again, solid
- Insulation capability: I tweaked on the underquilt several times during the week to bring it up snug under the hammock and eliminate drafts on the ends. Once that was done, I was snug down to 62F with a light breeze.
- Suspension: I ditched the bit of shock cord and hooks that came with the UQ and added my own shock cord system that worked better.
- Stuff sack: See above.

General comments about the system:

What I liked...
- The top quilt fell into a puddle and got wet but still kept me warm that night. I'm guessing that down insulation would have been a problem.
- It's light and durable, and packs up relatively small.
- The price... $180 for the set.
- Insulation was just right for the summer temperatures. Anything more and I would have roasted.

My biggest complaints are...
- It's a little short for me.
- Head-hole didn't work for me.
- Had to replace the suspension.
- No way this is good to 40F... Maybe 50F. Dave should advertise this as a summer-weight insulation system.