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    The way I do it is using a continuous ridge line with prussics to the tarp. Ridgeline is above the tarp. Hang the hammock and adjust for correct hang. Tie off each end of the CRL to trees with a bowlin on one end and truckers hitch on the other. Raise or lower CRL as necessary for correct support of netting. Adjust prussics to center tarp. Stake out tarp. Done.

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    1. As a matter of conversation and possibilities particular to Clark, do you turn the tarp upside down in order to use the two additional connectors part way between the ends, clipping your prusics to them?

    With an XL tarp, one with one of those funny hooded ends, I've tested to see if I like a snake-skin equivalent, and found that I do. Not just for packing, but for getting the tarp out of the way quickly for sun or while set up during wind. $1 panty hose is intact without rips after 5 nights. Nobody -- nobody -- accomplishes the task with fewer grams.

    No shipping charge either , and I could also strain coffee or boil rice in it w/o the rice sticking to the pot, if I liked . Not Clark- like, and I expect to find something more substantial, next. Say the two legs of heavier weight stockings sewn top-to-top.

    2. Can someone retell Clark history on the functional differences between plastic ends of the Clark-supplied bungies, one type harder and more painful to open than a soft-shackle, the other as easy as you expect? Or is there no more meaning than that its what a small company happened to get from the supplier?

    3. Also, not worth another thread. On one Clark, the weathershield (WS)is not indendently zippered from the netting. The WS is a WS to the netting. Netting must be deployed for WS to be deployedTheoretically, the netting collects frost in winter. On a 1-2 year old Tropical II, the zippers are in parallel for function,so you can use either, both or neither. Is one a later design than the other? Specific to model?

    4. Several connectors on this Tropical 2, just inside the zippers' peak, are too close to the peak for the zipper pulls over your nose to easily pass. Is that true on the latest models with peaked netting, or did Clark move those three tie-outs out of the way, say by adding a 1/2" of gros grain or some other means.?
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