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    more net questions

    I asked this in another thread, but no one read or answered it.. so I decided to make a command decision & create its OWN thread!

    FF recommended this site

    For netting... It lists a CAMO mosq netting with 625 holes PSI, then noseeum netting w the same holes psi? Is the only difference between these two products the width & colors? I am going to be working on a bugnet soonish, & am trying to hammer out the material I want to use for it.

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    get black netting, it will be easier to see through, i just got some from

    i think they said it was polyester, but you can see through it even better than the other black noseeum i had before. it seems weird, but lighter colors are worse (not as nice to look through). i never tried camo before though although i do think black would be just as stealthy.

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    Just so you don't think this community has abandoned you...

    I found some camo mosquito netting in the $1 bin at walmart and bought ? 10 yards?. Lots of it, that I use for my main most projects. 60 inches or so wide.

    Then, later on, I found some dark "tulle" in the $1 bin, also about 60". I use this for experimental stuff. Its like no see um and is some variation of polyester. But, its a $%$!@# to work with! (Helpful hint, use masking tape. Tape the edges, measure, cut, and if you do it just right, leave a tiny sliver of tape on the edges for sewing.)

    I also got some nano no see um in a quilt kit. Nano is softer and stretcher than the camo and tulle, but it would have to be a teensy weensy (microscopic) bug that could make it thru the tulle or camo but not thru the nano.

    I read somewhere that mosquito netting is ~2.2 oz per yard and no see um is ??? 1.8?? Haven't weighed the tulle, but its in that range.

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