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    Quote Originally Posted by oldgringo View Post
    The name, "Honeymoon Suite", is cute, but misleading. I have seen this tarp, and two grown men could share it w/o anyone's guy bona fides coming into question. They would have substantially more room and wx protection than any single tarp would provide. One word: "cavernous."
    Agreed. Cavernous says it all.

    I started calling my set-up that name when using a Kelty Noah's 12x12 because it was the way I would hang with my wife. It was more of a reference to which set up we were in rather than cozy, cuddling space. "Where are you two hanging?" "We're over there in "the honeymoon suite", that big tarp over there."

    Now I can make the same reference but not talking Kelty, but the real deal, Smokehouse' "Honeymoon Suite". We love ours.

    Smokehouse set his up at Kyle's Landing with just one hammock under it back in March and had enough space left over for bowling.

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    I recently used a jrb large tarp which worked out on 3 trees.
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    my 2 cents

    Last weekend, we where hiking and fishing here in Czech Republic, 2 hammocks, 1 tarp.
    When we set it up, the wind was coming slightly from the left side, so that explains our original setup, but during the nightfall a storm broke loose, and the wind changed, so it came from the back. That's when we decided to hang up our ground tarp up between the trees to stop the rain from coming under the tarp. Heavy rain and thunder all night long, but we where dry and cozy with a nice bottle of rum listening to the sounds of the sky :-)

    Details of the pic below, the back 2 tree's are about 2 meters apart.
    The tarp is 4.5 x 3 meters. In the middle a stick to make sure no rain would stay on the tarp. If no storm or rain would be there, we would not have needed the stick.

    Here's the pic:

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