Did the burn test on some $1 fabric from Wally's World. According to Ditzy Prints' Fiber Burn Chart I suspect Olefin. Smells like asphalt, tan bead (actually more brown than black). A search for "olefin" in the forum hit on a posting saying that olefin=polypropelene, but nothing about if its good or bad.

Made a quick hammock out of it anyway.

Felt good on a short nap, didn't drop me to the ground. Haven't weighed it, but its close to 1.9 oz ripstop nylon. It has a real soft feel to it, not slick like nylon, has a ripstop pattern in it, and the edges fray a little. Did the blow test, and its breatheable.

Is this any good for a multiday trip? I would hate to find out on night 2 of 7 that it stretches too much, or is too weak for my weight, or has some other character flaw that I can't see on a quick test.

What about it folks? Anybody know any pros and cons about olefin for hammocks?


ps - what is the odor of "sweet chemicals"? My wife likes perfume, but, burning perfume??? What I have ain't that! It could be "modacrylic". Only a chemist will know for sure.