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    Hanging under tarp at end of hammock works for me, but I learned on my first trip what NOT to do:

    Soaking wet stuff, but not raining anymore when we set up camp, so I look at my HH with its ridgeline and bugnet making an inviting place to spread stuff out to dry - looks like a perfect situation as the net will keep everything spread out to dry more quickly, right?

    Absolutely! Unfortunately, all of the water drained through the net (DUH!) and SOAKED my bag in the hammock. I had a pool of water in the hammock!!!


    Lesson learned!!!


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    Since you cant dry wet clothes in a wet environment anyway, why dont you adapt a waterproof pack-cover for use as a gear hammock?
    Take the pack cover, which is basically a rectangular piece of waterproof fabric, and replace the drawcord with a very long one which enables you to lay it out flat. Then handstitch four pieces of tape on the corners, creating loops. Two pieces of long shockcord, each one put through one tie-out, are tied )or clipped with small carabiners) to these loops.
    Hey presto, you have a waterproof hammock under your hammock, protecting the quilt against splashes and enabling you to stuff gear in.
    Similar to this:
    but if you already own a pack cover, there is no need to buy one.

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    BigE - been there, done that, too
    oetzi - great idea; I can modify my current pack cover and give that a try, too.

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    On second thought, "shockcord", being elastic, is not quite suitable for this
    It will take some time for me til I can sleep outside again. But what I want to try is this: with a gear hammock as described above, to make it possible to rais and lower it from the hammock. Because I really hate to place my warm, dry feet directly on the cold, wet ground. It should be possible, somehow, to use the Gear hammock as a groundsheet for this purpose, too.
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    For the feet on the ground thing, I have gotten a little insight into this problem (I think it was from this forum). I was told to take some ccf (I just got one of the $5 blue mats from WallyWorld), and sew some kind of durable fabric around it (I did a ripstop nylon with a very good DWR on it). Congrats, you have just created a light weight door mat. Welcome Home! I have now modified it to be a sit pad (no modifications there really) and the back "frame sheet" to a pack that I made. One other thought is to take a peice of duct tape (or sew it on) and attach a string so that you can pull the mat up to the hammock after you've gotten in (but I haven't done this). Just a thought that I know works. Good Luck!
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