Glad to see you're getting the temps down. I'm interested to hear more about your hitches to keep things set. I've not had any trouble with the adjustment line slipping myself. The only concerns I've heard have been from a person or two making their own. What I've been recommending lately is, once you have it set, to tie a small stopper knot behind the cordlock to help hold it. This should give you more than enough grip and the cordlocks are big enough that you can still easily move the cord with the lock open. You can also have three or four of these for multiple conditions.

I hear you about the claustrophobia thing. In August, I was camping on an island in the rain and woke up from some crazy nightmare I don't remember. Whatever it was, I got the claustrophobia bad, which has never happened to me before. I had to get out immediately. After standing in the rain a while, I thought I was calmed down and got back in, but it happened again. I thought I was going to have to sit on the beach soaked all night, but finally managed to go to sleep.

I was out last month for the first time since then and was a little worried about it happening again. It started to a little bit, but I cracked a book and it went away immediately.

It has given me the impetus to finally make my own Speer-type hammock, though. I never liked being closed in a tent. The Hennessy is better, but it's still not as nice and open and "outside" as much as tarp camping was. I'm hoping the new hammock will be even better.

Anyway, glad to see everything is working out. I remember you first talking about it and being amazed by the amount of clothing you were wearing to bed