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    tarp with less sag? looks fairly tight in the pics i've seen, or do you mean something else?

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    Thanks everyone... yeah, I knew it wasn't the RIDGEline.. I mean, I knew what I was talking about.. those out to the side line lines....but I'm new so I'm learning all of these terms. ::laughing::

    Thanks for the info.. I think I'll go ahead and order the Speers Tarp.

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    nope, not the side elastic guylines on the hh, drip strings are tied to the lines the hammock hangs from, the ones tied to the tree, water runs down the bark, then it runs down the suspension rope and into your hammock, a drip string would hang a few inches past the end of the hammock on the suspension rope., the side guylines run downward from your hammock, so you won't need drip strings on them.

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    Tarp for double hanging

    In my avatar pic I'm using a cheapo blue tarp(so far so good), over our dual set-up. Tarp is 9x12. Approx 8 feet hangs on one side(west/wind), approx 4 on the other side. If it rains w/out wind, its fine as is, if it's a blowing rain, i can just drop the long side down to the ground(tent stake the corners), which stops almost all blowing. I like the extra covered area so if it does rain(non blowing) you have room to cook, etc. JMO

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