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    I also realize I misspoke and thought you were making Risk's Test Hammocks. I missed the zHammock reference.

    Go with good quality fabric and straps from Paul at AHE.

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    I have ordered straps from Strapworks. Good folks, I'd say.

    Quote Originally Posted by tesseractive View Post
    Has anyone used them? Is 6600# overkill? Would 3000# be enough?
    Yes, even I would say 6,600 lb straps are over-kill. I use a 10-t0-1 rule of thumb. Thus, 3,000 would be fine for a 300 lb load, in my opinion.

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    Halfway there, but hit a snag

    OK -- I'm halfway there, but I've hit a snag.

    - hammock: done
    - bugnet: not done (going to do a modified TED)
    - tarp: not done (likely a modified blackcat, maybe with stormflaps)

    However, pics are attached. I ended up going with webbing so she could easily hang the hammock herself (see pic 945 and detail pic 946 for the loop/rings part that are larkheadded to the hammock ends). You might notice in pic 950 that there is no additional half hitch in the free end of the line once the hammock was hung. This makes for a funny story that my daughter will forever remember: with no knot, dad is too heavy for the rings to hold...

    Pic 948 is the finished set. The small end straps are 1.6oz each, the 12' straps are 4.8oz each (heavy for suspension, but...), and the hammock itself is 12.0oz. Pretty resonable.

    Pic 949 is one happy DIY hammock convert.

    So here's the snag -- I decided to modify Risk's dimensions a bit. Instead of 9' by 4', I made it 9' by 5'. I have a grand trunk ultralight that is 5', and it's sweet.

    The problem is no matter how I whip the ends of this hammock, I can't seem to get it right:

    Whipped like:
    - speer, w/last 5'' pulled 2'' up: sides are too high/stiff
    - modified speer, w/center 5'' pulled 2'' up: unstable -- center of hammock throws you to sides
    - standard, w/ends completely flush: sides are still too high/stiff

    I'm going to continue trying (justjeff's W, WBBB whipping line through ends, etc.), but if anyone has any helpful hints, I'd be grateful.

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    I have found my answer. I tried the W whip, and it didn't help.

    I went with a straight whip, grabbed the GT ultralight, and hung it in the same place using the ENO slapstraps. Everything stretched so much, I almost hit the ground. But when I adjusted and it settled, it was at that magical 30 degree angle -- and that's when I realized that the ENO slapstraps are nylon -- the straps I've made are polyester. They don't stretch nearly as much.

    I hung the DIY hammock at a 30 degree angle from the get-go, and it lays just fine. The sides are relatively loose, just like the GT ultralight.

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    TED bugnet: done (pics)
    silnylon snakeskins: done
    weight so far: a hefty 2 lbs 4.5 oz
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