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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggieland View Post
    OK Doody, I get what your saying and it seems to be a great idea. After looking at the Knot bones and the regular figure 9's this idea of going from the tarp itself the way you did seems best. One question though, I see you do something different on your ridge line. Why ? I know there is a reason but I have not used mine enough to understand it. Would the same figure 9 setup work on the ridge-line? Also many people have changed out the lines on their tarps with trip lines or bungee lines. do these tarps really get that loose when wet? thanks for any education you can drop on me!
    I bought my CRL ready made from and that is how it was configured. It works so I haven't changed. At also allows a bit of "stand off" from the tree to let your hammock suspension through if you are hanging from trees that are farther apart. However, I could replace the know bone with an S-biner or micro biner of some sort and still have the same practicality of fast, adjustable setup.

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    Glad nobody told him about the Dutch ware, then he would really be in a pickle............

    I also have the tarp ridgeline with the knotbone tied on at one end and a fig9 on a sliding prussik on the other end. Knot bone end around the tree first, run the line out and then set the tension with the fig9. My tarp slides along the ridge line on 2 prussiks and small s-biners. I think this sytem sets up super quick and seems less fussy than my 2 line set. The prussks don't even count as a knot. Granted, I am currently switching the hardware over to the Dutch goods, but it is the same idea.

    I am currently using this as my guylines - no slipping, light weight and they don't have that metal finger thing to tangle up my lines or possible poke a hole in my tarp.

    (Sorry if you have already seen this)

    I am beginning to think half of the fun hammock use is trying out the different setups.


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