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    1.1dl or 1.9dl and a few questions

    So new to hammocks and the forum here--- Hi all ...

    Was looking at the bb but after reading around find myself at SB... Im new to hammocking and living in santa barbara-- there is little to zero chance of getting to see any of the hammocks much less try them out.. So im buying on gut instinct and faith here...

    The 2 things that draws me to a SB vs a bb--- is I like the idea of a better view (no wall of fabirc next to me)-- and i like the idea of being able to get in either side and lay either way...

    Ok here are my questions..

    Guys say the SB allows you to lay on your side easier--- how is that? Does the hammock lay flatter or broader then other hammocks?

    Im 6'2" 220lbs... Not sure which SB to get... Alan seems to love the 1.9dl-- yet it would look like id be find with the 1.1dl... Im more of a comfort guy and am more then willing to carry some extra weight to be more comfy.. Is the 1.9dl wider and more "spacious" then the 1.1dl? I thought about the 1.9sl-- but i dont think id like the sag that comes with for someone my size.. Would the 1.9dl be stiffer then the 1.1dl making it more uncomfy-- or does it work the opposite-- that a stiffer flatter hammock is more comfy and allows you to sleep on your side better-- etc?

    There are a few questions here-- but any thoughts that i havnt listed here that you think might help are appreciated too ..

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    OK-- well ill reply to my thread.. lol.. Talked to Dale today(great guy) and the consensus is a 1.9dl would be the best way to go.... Going to order that up in just a few mins...

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    Quote Originally Posted by I like turtles View Post
    OK-- well ill reply to my thread.. lol.. Talked to Dale today(great guy) and the consensus is a 1.9dl would be the best way to go.... Going to order that up in just a few mins...
    Look forward to the review! Right now, the SBs are about the only high quality hammocks I have yet to try, although I could test different weights of the WBBB plus a WB Traveler.
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    I have the 1.9 double SB and I am 6'-1" tall and just under 200#. It is a nice flat lay but in no way harsh.
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    Mike-- that was my worry that id go to a hammock that was harsh being overly stiff.... But i think the 1.9dl is going to work out great..

    I was just about to order up the wbbb 1.7dl--- but really liked the idea of being able to enter from either side(zips on both sides) and to have a bit more "view".. Too many people keep saying how comfy the SB was-- so figure--- Im in.. Plus as alan said--- 2 hammocks for the price of one-- -whew got my order in just in time before the price double lol..

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