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    Lightbulb Double-bipod hammock hang

    Thanks for the Kudos.

    Not shown, but tried: I ran a light non-stretch line from one chained-anchor-nails center, up and over the bipods, and back down to the other chained-nails - this supported a tarp cover - a little clumsy but it did work - critical to use non-stretch line, otherwise, you get a face-full of tarp as things stretch and heat up.

    BTW, I'm kinda old (70 ... and holding), really tall (6' 8" - 2 meters) and heavy (260 lbs.) - a more 'normal' person would 'hang' higher that I would + get in and out with more grace.

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    Question Stronger legs

    As noted, I'm REALLY tall and heavy - a more normal person would have no trouble ... but, I used softwood for the dowels - thus, for a bit more $$, put in 1" diameter OAK dowels - why didn't I do that? - well, I used what I had.

    BTW, not to get negative or wanting to start a flame war ... but ... I DID ask that a person build and experiment first, BEFORE they went on to criticize ... nothing, absolutely nothing in this world, beats a hands-on experiment for performing a REALITY CHECK ... 'nuff said.

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    Looks like a really great approach!
    Apparently, signature that I used from 2006 no longer tolerated so now deleted.

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    I agree with the others, I'd want stronger legs but the basic concept looks good.

    Looks like a great place for the 'Stake Boom' as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tory1942 View Post
    ...BTW, not to get negative or wanting to start a flame war ... but ... I DID ask that a person build and experiment first, BEFORE they went on to criticize ... nothing, absolutely nothing in this world, beats a hands-on experiment for performing a REALITY CHECK ... 'nuff said.
    Did not mean to criticize, but I can see how I came off that way. Sorry about that.

    Personally, I just don't trust PVC for weigh bearing applications, bolting together etc. I have seen it shatter rather than bend.

    Having served as a safety officer in commercial construction, I also have a hard time keeping my big mouth shut if something doesn't "feel" right to me.

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    I made something out of 1 inch stainless tubing and some boat railing hardware. I was working on it last night and have it set up in the backyard. I used 5 foot sections of tubing. I have a Hennessey Explorer and the tarp hooks to the ends of the ratchet straps allows me to sit comfortably with my feet on the ground. It is a little heavier than pvc but I will use it when in the kayak for easy camping anywhere. Everglades National Park doesn't allow attaching anything to tree sand we are planning a trip down in a few weeks.

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    As to the strength of the bipods. Could you replace the pvc with carbon fiber poles. I know that this will bump the price, but having a truly portable rig is something I haven't seen so far.
    Perhaps in the mad scramble for sexy light weightness I and everyone else has forgotten the most important function of gear not that it must weight nothing, look good and be cheap, but that it must keep you alive and increases your survivability.
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    Thumbs up Good thoughts ... a story ... & improvements

    Thanks a lot for member's comments.

    Concerning changes such as aircraft-grade aluminum, titanium & carbon-composite - which would certainly be lighter and stronger - let me tell a story:

    Once upon a time, an engineer was asked to design a self-ventilating chicken coop for use by folks in a summer-hot African country - he came up with a wonderful design, made of aluminum sheets, using only two custom-machined hinges and an epoxy coating that would keep the heat down inside the coop. Cost about $1500 per coop. It only took about 20 variations (and several bottles of booze) to get the final design ... made of sun-dried mud, mixed with fresh cattle dung, and reinforced with many slivers of bamboo ... coated with locally-made plaster and painted with soap-lime-milk whitewash ... cost about $1 (for the soap and milk) - it was not quite as good as the high-tech variety (about 80% to 90% as good) ... but was made of parts that anyone could get, make or adapt ... it was down-and-dirty low-tech ... but good enough!

    This was the course that I took - I aimed for a system that anybody reasonable familiar with tools could make ... a saw, hammer, drill & bits would see the job done - if it broke or shattered, then easily fixed (often at roadside) - if no PVC pipe available, then fire-hardened bamboo, wrapped with fishing-line and coated with hard-drying plant sap/resin - with smaller bamboo as the 'dowel' inserts - lashings instead of steel fittings.

    I looked carefully at my own video, frame-by-frame - there is a little deflection in one lower leg section and another mid-leg section - so, increase the length of the MID & BOTTOM dowel inserts to 6" ... and use OAK dowels ... no biggie - remember, the RIDER'S machine is bearing the load of parts - keeping in mind that I'm 6' 8" (2 m) tall and 260 lbs. (117 kg) weight, which is pretty extreme ... also near 70 years old, so I have a 'vested interest' in not getting dumped on the ground.

    One more observation - use the heaviest hammer you can get - it takes a lot of pounding to get the 4 chained-nails deep into the ground - they come out easily, though.

    OK, 'nuff ... gonna go riding and 'hang' out + take some more videos of me doing just that ... in some interesting locations.

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    I kind of agree that the PVC would make me a little nervous. I think the reason they are holding so well is the dowel inserts are supporting alot of the weight. I think if i was to make one i would use 1" EMT Conduit with the dowels. It would be a little heavier, but not bad for car or m/c camping. and give me a better piece of mind! I made a bigger swingset style stand out of 1-1/4" EMT conduit and it is PLENTY strong.

    On the other hand if you used hardwood dowels and they went full length inside the PVC (touched end to end) I think you would see almost no bending.

    BTW, all that said. I really like your stand tory1942!

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