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    Question Solo Trip Help

    So I got bad news today from my only real hiking buddy (the guy I brought to Spring MAHHA this year) is going to be even longer into recovery for his surgery. Infected stitches or something. I don't know, and at this point I'm too bummed to care. (He's fine btw, just can't hike or lift heavy objects, if you can call not being able to hike "fine").

    Anyway, our trip this weekend to Loyalsock is off. I don't want to let that stop me. I've solo camped before, but on family or friend property (anyone with enough woods to camp in really) in my back yard, and at a local state park where I've stealthed (against the rules, yeah yeah, whatever, shame on Rook).

    Anyway, I'm trying to hike 45(ish) miles over three days. Can anyone recommend trails where there might be less people, but still some decent views? Also needs to be within 180 miles drive from Baltimore.

    Thanks guys.

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    Why not do the Maryland section of the AT (Pen Mar Park - Harpers Ferry)?

    Unless you have already done it, then never mind!
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