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    Quote Originally Posted by tjm View Post
    Short thread drift, sorry

    3. avoid really steep trails
    That's the problem. Not many AT trails have that as an option. The sadists that created the AT designed it that way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjm View Post
    Short thread drift, sorry

    I agree that pulks get troublesome over some terrain.

    Three things I did to help me:

    1. pulk tow ropes run through two sections of pvc tubing [with two pvc dross braces- looks like a ladder] This arrgt helps the pulk track better and it doesn't try to pass me downhill

    2. I pack some of my gear into a backpack and load it on the pulk. If the slope of the trail gets too steep I swap out the backpack and the pulk harness, that puts a good amount of the weight on my back which makes for an easier ascent

    3. avoid really steep trails
    Good tips. I also use the pvc with rope as in tip #1, but I found crossing the poles eliminates any need for cross braces and actually works even better IME.

    If you must traverse steep trails, unhook yourself from the pulk for safety reasons and put on the backpack portion.

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    You have winter gear for ground sleeping so how about this:

    + winter ground pad system [I am assuming air pad & CCF pad]
    + DIY UQ protector [plain ripstop nylon, not sil-nylon]

    TNF Nebula 15F bag
    + Winter Burrow
    + camp insulating layers [parka+pants+balaclava+mittens+down booties]

    A-frame arrangement with snow wall wind block to minimizes wind penetration

    To extend this system, I would also consider finding a cheap, large, syn bag and nesting it with the TNF Nebula 15F bag and doubling up the quilts underneath.

    I like using my pads as part of my system [see post #32] because in a real emergency I would go to ground with the pads and snow as ground insulation and the sleeping bags and multiple quilts above me.

    IMO Hanging set-ups for winter camping require more pack volume than the comparable ground set-up because we are not able to take advantage of the insulating properties of the snow on the ground.

    Of course, I suggest you prove out any new winter sleep system with an easy bail-out, like next to the car at a campground or in your backyard.
    Love my JRB BMB

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    Options... for Canadian winter campers

    So I've been reading this thread and realize I'm a little late to the party... But its still warm out

    I have camped on the ground to -35C with a MEC Cygnet down bag (rated to -10C) and a homemade goretex and synthetic overbag (approx. equivalent rating of 15C). I used a thermarest and a 1/2" closed cell foam pad on snow.
    I wore 100 weight fleece top and bottom, and a very warm hat.

    So far -3C is as cold as I have hung. I used the thermarest, in the hammock with the cygnet as a TQ and my DWR sleeve over most of me and the TQ. Basically the sleeping bag fills the space in my hammock, the cover keeps the fronst and moisture off the down bag and helps limit drafts and air movement.

    My plan for moving colder is to buy a second MEC Cygnet bag and use it for the underquilt since its very reasonably priced, with lots of length and width. I already have a breathable DWR sleeve cover for my hammock. ANother possibility is to zip the two Cygnet bags together since thet are compatible and that would give a fully enclosed down unit... If you wanted less warmth the Gosling bag is also zip compatible with the Cygnet for tunable insulation values.

    Not a MEC sales rep... Just very pleased with my Cygnet bag which I have had since 1991

    Oh and absolutely trial all systems with a safe bailout, like in the backyard.
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