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    2QZQ Mod #3

    I just received by HH Ultra Light Explorer back from 2QZQ Hammock Specialties. I had them complete zipper mod #3 which is a one sided zipper with dual pulls which results in an entrance equivalent to a WBBB. They estimated 2-3 week lead-time and actually only had it for only 11 days. Their commitment to quality has been extolled on this forum repeatedly and was reinforced in what I received. Not only was the sewing impeccable, they also took the time to bundle the whoopie slings and fold the hammock neatly for shipment.

    The website estimated a weight increase of 3.5 ounces. I found just a 1.4 ounce increase.

    This was definitely worth the $35 investment. Now I just need a break in this Tennessee heat so that I can slip out for a quick weekend trip.

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    Their work is excellent. 2Q has done 3 zipper mods on my Hennessyssimce 2009.2 Expeditions and 1 Desert Rat. I still have all three and still holding up great.

    I know you will enjoy that Hennessy even more.....
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