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I think I'll just buy a few of those kick boards they use at the pool and duct tape them together!

I'm not THAT worried about my gear (but will admit I am hoping for a miracle solution to present itself for staying warm). I am trying to keep my mind occupied, because I'm going crazy with this wait. For example, as I was slumbering off to sleep the other night, I came up with this idea for insertable nostril filters a non-smoker could wear in a bar or the home of a smoker. Somehow they'd mold to your particular nostrils and you'd just put them inside, but you'd have to breathe through your nose all of the time for the air to be filtered. Man..a little scary to think of what crap will come out of my head when I finally give it time to catch up!
Gotya. I have 3 or 4 things to finalize then I am there.

Ohio just went smoke free this month. I love the smell of fresh air over my beer.