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    Quote Originally Posted by SoundMan View Post
    Good choice on getting off the ground..I am in the process of tent to Hammock also. I am just stalled out due to lack of funds....nice gear is a lot $$.
    The last couple of nights in the yard have made me lust after a nice UQ. The pad is really not cutting it. Hammock forums has more information than you can easily digest. Great community online Post pics-everyone loves Pics!
    Ummm. Indulgent gear is a lot of $$. Including mine.

    Many folks here are comfortable with simple gathered end hammocks. I'll grant that UQs are slightly specialized, what with their own suspensions. But, for the top quilt, your sleeping bag can be re-purposed even if it is a half-zip mummy style. Find a longstanding thread , newbie hammock setups he on rigs at different price points. I can readily find comfort for less than $150. And dry comfort for under $200. Plus, of course, the sleeping bag.
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